Apply to Host an SCI AmeriCorps Member

Calling all Lynn nonprofits! Social Capital, Inc. (SCI) is currently accepting applications from organizations who want to host an SCI AmeriCorps Member! SCI currently places 25 AmeriCorps members at nonprofits throughout Eastern Massachusetts. We are always looking to expand our AmeriCorps program to new organizations throughout the state. Though we are open to new communities, priority will be given to organizations based in communities where members are already serving, as they are covered by our current grant (hint, hint: Lynn is one of those communities!).

Benefits of hosting an SCI AmeriCorps Member Include:
- A full-time AmeriCorps member serving at your agency from September 2015 - June 2016 (approximately 40 hours per week).
- SCI recruits members from various sources, reviews applications and conducts first interviews to screen potential candidates for your host site. The candidate information is sent along to the host site with the Program Manager’s notes.
- SCI trains AmeriCorps members; who in turn increase capacity of nonprofit partners to engage and connect citizens. (SCI provides the AmeriCorps members with initial training and ongoing professional development and support opportunities. This training and professional development is guided by the SCI Social Capitalist Curriculum which serves as a guide for members’ service. The training for the coming year will place an increased emphasis on increasing agency capacity to recruit and manage volunteers. Much of SCI AmeriCorps training will relate to their service at their host site, however we also offer trainings that will provide professional development for our members.)
- SCI administers the members’ stipends and other benefits, including Health Care.
- SCI will handle all on-boarding of new members, as well as exiting. This includes the offer letter, financial paperwork, etc.
- Background checks will be run and paid for by SCI.
- Compliance with the federal grant that supports the program is handled by SCI.
- SCI provides expertise, practical tools and other resources to related to social capital for use by members & partners.
- SCI facilitates a a learning network to expand social capital knowledge base.
- Grow your network of interested parties that can be leveraged for local projects.

To find out more information and to see if an SCI AmeriCorps member might be right for your organization, click here:

Social Capital Inc. is now recruiting

Social Capital Inc. is recruiting new AmeriCorps members for 5 Mass. Locations, including Lynn and Fall River.  This is a great opportunity for recent college graduates to develop skills and gain valuable experience while serving local communities.  We have two types of positions: Youth Leadership Coordinator and Outreach and Technology Coordinator.  Please click here for detailed information regarding these positions.


Welcome to New SCI AmeriCorps Members

Mark Hartman, new SCI AmeriCorps memberA new team of AmeriCorps volunteers has arrived in Lynn to serve the community. The team is excited to work in the Lynn community. Mark Hartman will be serving as an Outreach & Technology Coordinator at the Lynn office. Ryanne Filbey will be serving at Girls Inc. Mallory Burns will be serving as a Youth Programs Coordinator. The AmeriCorps team cannot wait to work with the Lynn community to build a stronger community through civc engagement initiatives.

New SCI AmeriCorps Members

Social Capital Incorporated of Lynn is proud to introduce the new SCI AmeriCorps members serving Lynn from 2008-2009. Members will spend their service time coordinating civic engagement innitiatives in the downtown Lynn area.

SCI is looking forward to another exciting year of programming and community service. Ryanne Filbey will be serving at Girls Incorporated of Lynn, working with Part of the Solution. Mallory Burns will be serving as a Youth Programs Coordinator, with the goal of creating a Citywide Youth Council. Mark Hartman will be serving as SCI's Outreach and Technology Coordinator.

We are please to launch SCI's second year in the Lynn Community. If you or anyone you know would like to volunteer or become involved in SCI's programs please contact Amanda Richardson, SCI Lynn Site Coordinator at 781-599-1269 or

SCI Lynn & Americorps Making Headlines

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