What's the Big Deal about Blogs?

When I tell most people I know that I have a blog and ask them to read it, the response is usually lukewarm at best. These people hear the word blog and think "nerdy computer-related thing I will never understand." Or at least that's what I think they think.

If you're one of these people, watch this video by Common Craft. It explains this blog thing in plain English.


NAGLY Fundraiser Event




The North Shore Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Youth (NAGLY) provides educational programs and support services for young people ages 14-21. Their mission is to create, sustain and advocate for programs, policies, and services for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth within the community.Read more

EarthFest 2008 Spring Cleanup at Lynn Woods

Saturday, April 26, starting at 8:30 AM, North Shore Community College is hosting a spring cleanup at Lynn Woods. 200 - 300 people are expected to participate in this annual event, including NSCC faculty, students, staff, residents of Lynn and the surrounding communities.
Read more

SCI's Social Capitalist Luncheon a Success!

The first annual SCI Social Capitalist Luncheon, was held on April 9th at the Holiday Inn Beacon Hill. It truly was a beautiful day, having the opportunity to recognize such wonderful people with our first SCI Idealist Award and Community Social Capitalist presentations before a full house of nearly 200 supporters.Read more

Anti-Violence Forum "Engaging Youth in Our Community"

The North Shore Community College (NSCC) Anti-Violence Club Will be hosting its fourth annual Anti-Violence Forum. Entitled "Engaging Youth in Our Community", the forum features keynote speaker Peter Delani, student / youth workshops and various organizations who have invested their time to help decrease the amount of violent acts committed in Lynn. The Event is scheduled for April 15 between the hours of 8 AM and 11:30 AM in the McGee building. The McGee Building is located at 300 Broad St. Lynn, Ma. Please forward all questions to Laurie Messina at LMessina@northshore.edu or (978) 739 - 5512.

Youth Building Social Capital

On Saturday, March 29 at 450 Washington Street in Dorchester, SCI's Lynn, Woburn and Dorchester Youth council's were building social capital. The youth started their day off with a networking activity to get them aware of what they do everyday but to take it a step further.
Youth dined on a beautiful and tasty nutritious organic lunch , which was prepared by Miscellaneous. She prepared a mouth watering potato and egg salad, a batch of chicken which was either curry, BBQ or plain, a beautiful crisp bright juicy salad with her famously renowned mustard dressing and tofu.

After lunch, the youth was actively engaged in 3 presentations which all had one theme, social capital. The youth program coordinators from all 3 SCI sites: Lynn, Woburn and Dorchester talked about how music and art are ways people create social change. With music from Billy Holiday "Strange Fruit" and art from J.W. Turner "The Slave Ship", all helped the youth think of how simple things make a difference.

It doesn't take a whole lot of brain power to make something happen. Here is the formula to make social change.

Things you need:
1. An issue to address
2. A medium (canvas, paper, speaking, singing, etc.)
3. The most important piece. You!!! Read more

CAEP Volunteers Wanted

The mission of the College Application Education Project (CAEP), Inc. is to set up an institutional mechanism and a community structure whereby parents and middle school and high school students of all cultures can receive direct college preparation. This training assists them with career development, college preparation, admissions, and financial applications.

Volunteer activities would include mentoring, reading to a child, computer research, career planing or participation in one of the many games and events CAEP offers. CAEP is housed in Grace United Methodist Church at 16 Union St. Lynn. Ma. Volunteer hours are available Monday through Friday 3-6 PM. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Arthur Akers at (781) 595 - 1022 or email caepinc@verizon.net.

Neighborhood Pride Day


The neighborhood cleanup is fast approaching. It is tentatively scheduled for the 2nd Saturday of May.Read more

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