Youth Violence

With all the various non-profit programs in Lynn and educational programs focusing on youth council, youth violence, gang preventions, drugs and alcohol, teen pregnancy, parenting class, etc. I'm not certain why Lynn still has such a bad reputation.  Our youth of today do not understand the fundamentals of life. Life is what you make of it; your decisions impact your life. So do the right thing and be different!!!  If you don't try to change things within yourself and your life then you cannot complain about your life. Before you join a gang, do some homework on the history of gangs. Life of a gangster...leads to either death or prison. You decide how you want to live your life. Dead or behind bars....something to think about. You have a choice. Stop the violence!!! 


After Hours with the Navigators


Join the Lynn Area Chamber on of Commerce on June 23 for a true blue kick off to summer.Read more

First Annual Youth Civic Showcase & Awards Ceremony


SCI youth council participants are connecting locally to host a civic project showcase, a visual exhibition recapping their 2008 service term.Read more

FAMU Meet and Greet



On June 21, 2008 at 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM at the Marriott Hotel, located at 2345 Commonwealth Avenue in Newton, meet with the President and Vice President of Florida A&M University.Read more

Lynn Carnival


From June 11 - June 15, Lynn Technical high school, located at 80 Neptune Blvd will be hosting a carnival.Read more

Thank you for Taking Pride in Lynn


We couldn't have had a successful neighborhood cleanup without the help of everyone who participated, first and foremost, the residents of Lynn who gave up their Saturday morning to improve the neighborhood.

Special thanks to our sponsors, who funded the event:
SCI Lynn
Mayor Chip Clancy and the city of Lynn
Ward 3 Neighborhood Association

These socially responsible businesses also made contributions:
Harrington Trophy printed and donated 50 "Taking Pride in Lynn" T-shirts at the last minute
the 7-11 on Chestnut St. and Essex provided gatorade and water
Nina's Convenience Store supplied work gloves
Osborne Pharmacy also supplied work gloves
Lynn Meatland provided subs and potato chips for lunch
Brothers Deli sent a tray of chicken salad
Pizza Lovers provided 2 pizzas

The following people and organizations donated their time, effort and expertise. Check out their links!

Girls, Inc.
Boys & Girls Clubs of Lynn
Highlands Coalition
Department of Public Works
Lynn Lumber
The Food Project
Lynn Time Bank
Calvin Anderson
Ward 3 Councilor Darren Cyr
the Lynn Police Department
Massachusetts Trial Court Community Service Program
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay

I would also like to thank Kimberlee Powers, principal of the Ingalls school, for letting us use the schoolyard, and the Custodian's Union for giving us access to electrical power on a Saturday.


Third Thursday Returns!!!



Every 3rd Thursday of the month, celebrate the culture of the North Shore by bringing the whole family down for an evening of fun in Lynn's Central Square.Read more

Highlands Coalition and Ward 3 Working Together

If you ever want to see what a group of committed individuals can accomplish, take a look at Goldfish Pond. Or visit a Highland's Coalition meeting, and you'll see that they are actively engaged in making their community a better place to live.

On May 10, SCI Lynn, the Highlands Coalition and the Ward 3 Neighborhood Association are sponsoring neighborhood cleanups, and you too, can get involved.

Whether you clean up in front of your house or business or join the groups at either the Ford or the Ingalls schools at 8:30 Saturday morning, don't just sit back and complain about the litter, graffitti, vandalism and crime. Feel good about taking action to make Lynn a better place to live. See attached flyer for more details.


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