Lynn celebrates Childrens' Mental Health week

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health. The theme chosen for 2014 is Building a Circle of Wellness. Below are a few ways that you can get involved locally as well as globally.

What YOU Can Do To Celebrate Children's Mental Health Awareness Week

  • Spread awareness by distributing green ribbons and lapel pins to advocates, supporters, potential partners & funders, child-serving agencies, children, youth and families in the Lynn community!
  • Visit websites and print tip sheets and other informative resources to distribute in the community.
  • Plan an awareness week event (a movie viewing, ice-cream social or entertainment event). These events are great opportunities to get the community involved and educated on children's mental health issues. For more publicity, invite local media to the event!
  • Partner with local youth groups like The Boys and Girls Club of Lynn and other organizations such as Girls Inc. of Lynn to support them with their planned awareness events!
  • Write an editorial and send it to local newspapers or reach out to local media outlets.
  • Plan a forum or panel presentation featuring family and youth stories, invite Lynn child serving agencies, other social service groups and government officials to participate and attend.
  • Build awareness through social media! Start a group on Facebook or Twitter and post and tweet awareness week messages to promote positive mental health. Provide ideas about how people can get involved during awareness week and beyond!
  • Encourage others to join the National Federation. More members allow the Federation to build a stronger voice so that we can advocate for greater change!
  • Spread the word and share information from the National Federation website, email blast and magazine. This is a great way to show that Children's Mental Health Awareness Week is both a Lynn and national initiative!