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Volunteer Spotlight on: Linda Sharkey

This month's volunteer spotlight is on Linda Sharkey! Born and raised in Lynn, Linda is a self-proclaimed “Lynn Cheerleader.” She graduated from Lynn English and continues to live in the city. She currently works independently as a health and nutrition consultant, helping people who are looking to overcome all kinds of challenges in order to achieve optimum health. Formerly, she served on the board of the Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance and has spoken at various panels around the city on women in business. On her various volunteer activities in Lynn, Linda says, “Paying it forward has always been something I was taught. I’m a big advocate for the city, and giving back to it has been a part of my life for so long it comes naturally.”Read more

8 Social Media Tips for Nonprofits

On January 8th at our monthly All Corps Day, SCI AmeriCorps members were treated to presentations on social media best practices from SCI AmeriCorps alum and Communications and Media Producer at Boston Architectural College, Allison Postlethwait, and SCI President and Founder David Crowley. Allison and David had much experience and information to offer our AmeriCorps members, host supervisors and other SCI partners that attended the open workshop. After the presentations, attendees broke into groups to brainstorm about social media tips and tools using both what they learned from David and Allison and what they discovered thus far in four months of service. Here’s what we came up with!Read more

Mayor Walsh Announces Community Meeting Times to Discuss 2024 Olympic Bid

Boston has been selected as the official United States Bid for the 2024 Olympics! Given its close proximity to Lynn and commuter rail access, Lynn could certainly be affected by a decision to host the Olympics in Boston. If you have strong opinions on the decision or ideas for how the city of Lynn should handle this decision, or just want to learn more about the potential impact on the city, you should attend one of the following community meetings hosted by Mayor Marty Walsh.Read more

Volunteer Spotlight On: Bob Luck

This month's Volunteer Spotlight is on Bob Luck, a volunteer at Girls Inc. of Lynn!Read more

Volunteer Choral Needed: Blend voices of a group of incredible urban singers!

Girls Inc. of Lynn is currently seeking a volunteer choral director - help to bring joy and happiness through music by creating a Girls Inc. of Lynn chorus of 20 girls, ages 5-15! This is a wonderful opportunity for someone with an interest in music looking to give back.Read more

Girls of Lynn Volunteer Spotlight on: Janet Lowrey

Check out this month's Volunteer Spotlight at Girls Inc. of Lynn: Janet Lowrey!Read more

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! This month constitutes the annual campaign to increase awareness of Breast Cancer, and although it may seem like everyone is already aware of the disease, too many people still forget to take the proper steps in order to detect the disease as early as possible.Read more

Tour Pine Grove Cemetery

As part of this year's Trails & Sails Weekend, celebrating the history of Essex County,Pine Grove Cemetery is offering a free guided tour this Sunday, September 28th!Read more

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